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Shot in the Head

Young man shot in the head 02

That’s what you get in Brazil for dealing drugs. Yes a nice bullet in your head!

“Boa noite!”

Brazilian police officer with slit throat

Brazilian police officer found with slit throat 01

A recently newlywed police officer was found with his throat cut. There was no further info available.

Girl Beheaded and Cut in Half by Her Boyfriend

girl beheaded and cut in half by boyfriend - 01

This dipshit of a boyfriend had to kill his girlfriend. That not being enough he decapitated her by cutting of her head (I shit you not!). And he cut her in half. You would think that changing the locks might have been a wee bit easier….

Deacapitated and Chopped Up Female Corpse Found in Canal


Decapitated chopped up corpse of a woman was found in a canal in Thailand. Here’s the jigsaw in pictures for you.

Head Impaled With A Pipe On Camera

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On Saturday October 24, 2015, in Manaus, state of Amazonas, Brazil, 18 year old Marwin Chrystian Aquino de Oliveira was killed by being beaten in the head with a steel pipe. Neither his parents, nor the police know the motive for this horrific murder, nor who the murderers were.