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Woman Hacked Up

black woman hacked up 01

Woman completely hacked up into pieces. That must have been an awfull rage…

Deacapitated and Chopped Up Female Corpse Found in Canal


Decapitated chopped up corpse of a woman was found in a canal in Thailand. Here’s the jigsaw in pictures for you.

Chopped Up, with a Pinch of Salt

Man found quartered and covered in salt 01

Man was brutally murdered and in a strange voodoo ritual they poured liquor and salt on his chopped up corpse. Here are the rest of the pieces, ehr, I mean pictures…

Beheaded & Burnt

Man beheaded & burnt3

Last weekend the beheaded & charred remains of a man was discovered in the Neighborhood Of Our Lady Aparecida, in Vitória da Conquista in Bahia. Resident’s discovered the body and quickly called the police. Arriving on the scene they discovered that the body had gunshot wounds and his genitals had cut off. Police think it might be a young man that went missing on Friday the 6th of March. Police are investigating.