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Bloody Bathtub Shotgun Suicide Mess

shotgun suicide in bathroom bloody mess and brains 03

Guy blew his brains out with a shotgun in his bathtub. Nice bloody mess he left there, wonder how far his brains went…

Splatter Face

Old man ran over and splattered by truck 01

Old man ran over by a big truck.

Fresh Brains Take Out

Man lost his brains in accident - 03

Thai scooter rider got hit in traffic, with a pop and a hop his brains landed on the pavement. Here are some pictures to give you an impression on how it happend.

Smashing! A Successful Suicide!


After all the failures in his life his final act was successful. With a small pop, a bit of brains splattering around on the pavement… And there his best and greatest accomplishment: suicide!

“Pop said his skull and out splattered his brains…”


While trying to cross the road this guy was hit in the head by a truck.