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GoreBoard Composition III.VI.MMXVI

This Is GoreBoard
The theatre of absurdities, real events, real deaths… the bizarre window to your deepest voyeuristic desires human nature has given you.
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Beheading Time! Prison Riots in Ceara Brazil

Prison Riots in Ceara Brazil 09

Prison riots happened in the state of Ceará, Brazil over the weekend. The riots were reportedly caused by prison guards being on strike. So being on strike, no guards were available for the usual family visits, which made the inmates angry, and thus, rioting began… Leaving some bloody mess…

Beheaded & Burnt

Man beheaded & burnt3

Last weekend the beheaded & charred remains of a man was discovered in the Neighborhood Of Our Lady Aparecida, in Vitória da Conquista in Bahia. Resident’s discovered the body and quickly called the police. Arriving on the scene they discovered that the body had gunshot wounds and his genitals had cut off. Police think it might be a young man that went missing on Friday the 6th of March. Police are investigating.