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Machete: A Bigger Smile

Brutal machete murder 02

Here is a great way to improve your smile….

Woman Hacked Up

black woman hacked up 01

Woman completely hacked up into pieces. That must have been an awfull rage…

Brazilian police officer with slit throat

Brazilian police officer found with slit throat 01

A recently newlywed police officer was found with his throat cut. There was no further info available.

Beheading Time! Prison Riots in Ceara Brazil

Prison Riots in Ceara Brazil 09

Prison riots happened in the state of Ceará, Brazil over the weekend. The riots were reportedly caused by prison guards being on strike. So being on strike, no guards were available for the usual family visits, which made the inmates angry, and thus, rioting began… Leaving some bloody mess…

Dinner Time: Human Meat

5 human female meat chopped up

Dinner is about to be served! Today we have a nice assortment of human female flesh.
Bon Appétit!

Motorcyclist Completely Smushed and Mangled by Truck

2_ Motorcyclist crushed by a truck Thailand

I could tell this joke about the guy who wished he was able to suck his own cock…

Bloody Bathtub Shotgun Suicide Mess

shotgun suicide in bathroom bloody mess and brains 03

Guy blew his brains out with a shotgun in his bathtub. Nice bloody mess he left there, wonder how far his brains went…

Cock N’ Balls

cock and balls roting away 02

Well that is about the only usefull between his legs, his cock and balls. I’m not sure what actually caused this underpants malarky. It seems a hurtfull bunch tho…

Splatter Face

Old man ran over and splattered by truck 01

Old man ran over by a big truck.