Old Lady McChickenLegg

Elderly woman ran over 01

Old Lady McChickenLegg liked chicken,
With chicken she was totally smitten
She’d eat it for lunch
At breakfast and brunch
After crossing the street she still can be found pickin…

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5 thoughts on “Old Lady McChickenLegg

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    1. DailyGore

      A lady named Lily
      Watched gore till she went silly.
      Friends felt a bit ikey.
      She just felt happy.
      Caution tho, when she holds things spikey…

        1. DailyGore

          Caroline had a nasty beaver.
          That was a real meat cleaver.
          All the guys who were tough
          Wanted a bit of that muff
          Each day a new hero shouted “I’ll cleave her!”
          Though the beaver was a little deciever.
          Using her mighty teeth.
          All guys lost their meat.

          😉 😛